As an amateur photographer I am looking to broaden my experience and skills, in particular with regard to the photography of people. To do this, I am looking for people who will allow me to photograph them.

What is required?

No special skills, looks, or anything like that is required. I am not looking for professional models, or people who look like professional models. I am looking for ordinary people who are willing to spend a few hours following instructions (and you can always say no!) while I fuss with my camera and lights and stuff and snap the photos.

I will ask you to fill out and sign a model release before taking the photos.

What do you get?

I will give you electronic high-resolution copies of all the photos taken during the shoot, as well as a signed letter giving you permission to use these photos.

How does it work?

If you’re interested, we will agree on a date and time for the photo session. I expect these sessions to take an hour or two. They can take place at your house, some other place of your choosing, or I can think of a place.

As part of my learning experience, I will set myself a specific goal, which I will explain in the confirmation email you receive. That email wil also give any suggestions about clothing or props to bring, if any.

At the agreed-upon time, I will come to the location. I may need a few minutes to set up my equipment, make test photos, and so on.

The actual photo shoot starts off with the specific goal I have set for myself. After that, I will ask you if you have any ideas you want to try. Finally, if there is any time left, I may want to do some experimenting with different angles, poses etc.

After the shoot I will process the photos and send you a link to them in my personal photo archive. You will have at least 24 hours to let me know if you want me to remove any of the photos.

Finally, I will provide you with a CD-ROM or other electronic medium with all the photos from the photo shoot, and a printed letter giving you permission to use the photos for personal, non-commercial use.


If you are interested, please contact me by email at and we will work out the details.